Across the world, school milk programmes are being implemented in many developed as well as emerging nations. Available data on the extent of such programmes are given below:

Country Name Beneficiary children in millions
USA 43
European Union 20.3
China 20
Iran 13.5
Japan 9.8
Thailand 6.7
Turkey 6.1

Source: Evaluation report of EU and FAO/IDF survey on school milk programme (2013).

The ‘Giftmilk’ initiative of NFN intends to follow similar approach in providing milk to school children utilizing corporate and individual contributions. Nutritional support provided in this form has multiple benefits – improve the nutritional status of children, help improve attendance in schools. While there exists abundant scope for supplementation of nutritional requirements of our young ones, the Giftmilk initiative of NFN is a synergistic step in this direction.

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