Do's and Dont's for Volunteers


Volunteers make a commitment and are accountable to the organization. Hence you are expected to abide by the core values and principles of NFN.

Accountability to the Organization

  • Volunteers are expected to follow the objectives and purpose of NFN.
  • Volunteers are expected to act with integrity and interact respectfully with other stakeholders during their association with NFN.
  • Do not engage in charity services in the name of NFN or use your association as a volunteer in any way for your own private benefit or in ways that may adversely affect its reputation.
  • Do not collect any money or plan direct distribution of milk in any school and do not make any promises.
  • Take your commitment to heart and perform your tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Offer constructive feedback, if any, in an appropriate way. Be open to feedback from NFN an incorporate the same in your actions.
  • If you have accepted a responsibility, honour it or inform NFN in advance in case if you are not able to accomplish it.