Frequently Asked Questions

GiftMilk is a programme undertaken by NFN to coordinate supply and distribution of flavoured milk to Children in 200/150 ml servings per day in selected schools at a frequency depending upon the funds available for 1 to 5 days every week for an academic year.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the GiftMilk activity is free to Gift. You could be an individual, NRI, a corporate organization or a trust. To Gift, it is essential to register.

All donors need to fill up the registration form. After successful verification of details, a confirmation would be sent. Choose the category for Gift covering one or more school, or other Gifts.

Rs. 10,000/- and above to be accepted. Donors can give choice of state. Small donations to be pooled and the school in the state to be selected.

The foundation prefers to cover government schools preferably girls schools located in poor and backward areas.

We have tried mapping of schools in the vicinity of dairy cooperatives manufacturing pasteurised or sterilized flavoured milk.

Dairy cooperatives will be the support system for supply of milk to the children. Within this constraint, donors can make a specific choice provided they are willing to support the programme for a whole year. In case the contributions are small, the choice of school will be determined by the foundation in accordance with its overall objectives.

Offline donations could be in the form of Cheques/DD drawn in favour of “NDDB Foundation for Nutrition, Anand” and send to our address.
A stamped receipt would be issued to the Donors for each Gift amount.

Daily and monthly supply reports will be sent to the donors for their adopted schools on their registered email address.

In India, few state governments support school milk programmes at different scales, such as in Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. Other state governments such as Assam, Chhatisgarh have also announced their intent to support such programmes.

NFN would network with the respective states to ensure transparency and effective implementation of such GiftMilk initiatives with the support of the dairy cooperatives.

If you are a member of a Dairy Cooperative Society (DCS), local body or NGO and have a good standing, known to be rational and willing to contribute part of your time on an honorary basis for the GiftMilk initiative, you could apply.

Each one of us thrive to do something meaningful in life. This is an opportunity where you could be part of an initiative which would benefit a lot of children, our future generation. By learning about NFN and being part of GiftMilk, you would be able to derive satisfaction of having done something significant for the society and also ensure that children in your family also grow up to be strong individuals through better nutrition. You could be a catalyst to a chain of noble deeds.

One can start working only after registration is confirmed and an email ID with password provided to you.

  • An opportunity to be part of a noble initiative.
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your convincing skills, ability to convey ideas, make things happen as planned.
  • A unique opportunity to be associated with an Organization like the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) which has been working for over 50 years for the landless and marginal dairy farmers of the country and which has now taken up the cause of providing nutrition to young children.
  • Exposure to pertinent aspects of child nutrition, ground level realities, how a participatory approach could make a difference and in the process sharpen up your social understanding and professional skills.


Once you are registered, you will be expected to follow all norms and guidelines related to volunteering with us. Violation of any kind will be reviewed and feedback given. In serious cases, it may lead to dissociation of the individual/organisation. Volunteers will be encouraged to bring in innovation and fresh ideas and also prompted to play a role in some essential NFN programmes and campaigns at local level.

The volunteer programme would be effective through one financial year, and renewed based on mutual comfort level and requirement.

The Volunteer for Group Campaign (VCAMPG) programme aims to increase awareness about NFN, its initiative and action on GiftMilk, the concept of nutrition supplementation through distribution of milk sourced from dairy cooperatives among the children, their parents, and potential patrons.

Depending upon your interest and how much time you can give, you are free to decide the extent of your participation. Do your part, the rest would be done by others like you. The level of commitment is expected to be high but not demanding.

Share your success stories and the stories on Gift Milk initiative in schools in your district with us. Your significant achievements will be showcased on our social media platform and NFN website. Photographs of important NFN related events where you were involved could be considered for posting on the website. After a year of your association, and based on the contribution made by you, NFN will formally acknowledge and certify you for the role which will further be shared with our supporter base.

Communication materials, messages, formats for report etc relevant to NFN would be provided. This programme is voluntary and honorary and to be taken as a social service.