About Gift Milk


The Giftmilk programme is the first initiative of NFN wherein 200 ml of flavoured milk fortified with vitamin A and D (as per FSSAI standards) is distributed among government school children on all school working days through a dairy cooperative under CSR allocations.

The target group is mainly school children aged 5 to15 years in primary and upper primary classes from government schools or schools run for underprivileged children by NGOs and charitable organisations.

NFN is leveraging the large network of 220 Milk Unions, 31 Marketing Dairies and around 1.94 lakh Dairy Cooperative Societies across India and expertise of NDDB for supply, logistics and monitoring.

Price of the ‘Giftmilk’ supplied is fixed at break-even point for the dairy cooperatives as their contribution to the society.

Donations from corporates, PSUs, voluntary organisations, State Governments and individuals are channelised for support of the programme. 

NFN acts as a liaising agency between Donor, Dairy Cooperative and beneficiary Schools to ensure proper implementation of Giftmilk.