Shri RS Sodhi

Managing Director, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited


Shri Rupinder Singh Sodhi, age 57 years, is Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, Ltd., (AMUL), which is India’s largest Food Products organization with turnover of Rs. 23000 crores in 2015-16.

Shri Sodhi has obtained his B.E. (Ag) degree from CTAE, Udaipur, India and then joined Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA).  After post-graduating from IRMA in 1982, Mr. Sodhi’s transformational contribution to India’s White revolution over last 34 years, spearheading socio-economic revolution, positively impacted lives of 3.6 million farmer families in rural India.  He has a distinguished record of serving the dairy farmers of India for more than three decades through series of technological, marketing and supply-chain innovations. Since he took over as Managing Director of GCMMF, he has ensured that sales turnover increased by 187% in 6 years, from Rs. 8005 crores in 2009 to Rs. 23,000 crores in 2015-16.

During his 6 year tenure as Managing Director of GCMMF, Mr. Sodhi ensured that price to dairy farmers for milk procurement increased by 85%. During the global dairy commodity crash of 2015, while dairy farmers across the world received 25% - 50% lesser price for their milk (compared to previous year), the milk price to Indian dairy farmers (associated with Amul cooperative) continued to grow.

Shri Sodhi has headed the Marketing and Sales function of Amul for more than two decades and has spearheaded their highly innovative and widely acclaimed marketing campaigns such as (1) Promoting milk as ‘world’s original energy drink’ & (2) ‘Eat Milk’ campaign motivating Indian youth in include dairy products in every meal and (3) Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India. He has been instrumental in launching more than 50 new products during his tenure as Managing Director in last six years. He has also spearheaded digital marketing and social media marketing innovations in Indian dairy industry to ensure that younger generation of India enhances consumption of milk and dairy products.

Shri RS Sodhi has ensured that Amul’s milk procurement operations extended beyond Gujarat state with his initiative to procure milk from farmers of 8 other states of India, following the cooperative model. He championed use of Information Technology to seamlessly integrate the entire value-chain of Amul from ‘Cow to Consumer’.