VCAMP Programme


For a wider outreach, strong campaigning is essential. If you are a working professional, active on the internet, you could be part of our online campaign team, as a Volunteer for Online Campaign (VCAMPO).

On the other hand, if you have spare time and good contacts, and a knack for meeting people and discussing on issues, you could be part of the ground-level campaign team as a Volunteer for Group Campaign (VCAMPG).


Role of the VCAMPO volunteer

In addition to the general terms for a volunteer, the VCAMPO volunteer would be expected to:

  • Play the role of a promoter of NFN activity through the social media, by spreading word on work being done by NFN, posting/sharing relevant photos, articles, reports among relatives, friends, acquaintances and thereby promoting the cause.
  • Provide feedback/suggestions on how the programme could be further spread and improved.
  • To be a VCAMPO volunteer, all you just need is a PC/Laptop/Smartphone, an internet connection and a desire to make a change.


Role of the VCAMPG Volunteer

In addition to the general terms for a volunteer/volunteer organisation, the VCAMPG volunteer would be expected to:

  • Play a more direct role in propagation of the NFN concept.
  • As ambassador of GiftMilk, equipped with relevant material, during their spare time.
  • Visit NFN beneficiary schools (located in vicinity), meet and brief children and their parents, talk to them on child malnourishment challenge, importance of nourishment in the formative years, GiftMilk initiative and importance of recycle/proper management of waste arising out of the milk distribution.
  • Meet and convince beneficiary school staff, coordinators on the importance of proper handling and distribution of the milk to the children, the need for recycle/ management of waste arising out of the activity.
  • Meet and brief potential patrons/donors to promote the initiative and explain aim, objectives and vision of GiftMilk, salient features including system transparency, working arrangement, importance of nutrition supplementation among the young children, progress made by NFN etc. and put across interested patrons/donors to NFN.
  • Contribute to the expansion of NFN activity and thereby be a part of the ‘GiftMilk’ family.