VMON Programme


GiftMilk is being run in selected schools based on funds received and choice of donors. The programme is run with complete transparency. Therefore, if you are an individual or part of an organisation such as an NGO, Self Help Group (SHG), Dairy Cooperative Society (DCS), you could come forward and offer your intent to Volunteer for Monitoring (VMON) programme.


Role of the VMON volunteer

In addition to the general terms for a volunteer/volunteer organisation, the VMON volunteer would be expected to:

  • Keep track of milk distribution in the school assigned. Attend and oversee milk distribution from time to time.
  • Undertake necessary number of visits to the school during the milk distribution to send constructive feedback on the system.
  • Take and upload on the website, a photograph of the milk distribution activity preferably during each visit.
  • In case of any problem in the distribution, escalate the same through an email to giftmilk@nfn.org.in clearly stating their credentials, school name and location.